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The Design Process

At Valerie Ayars Designs, we believe in keeping it simple. Having your website design, ecommerce solutions, graphic design, marketing materials and other creative projects completed should be a stress-free experience. We accomplish this by following a straightforward plan in the creation process.

Website Planning

Upon receiving the green light on the quote we provided you, we will be ready to move into the Planning Phase. This phase requires the gathering of information and ideas that will be used to complete your project. We collaborate with you to discover everything from broad concepts to the important details that will help to create your design. The purpose of the Planning Phase is to ensure the project begins with all parties having a thorough undertanding of the objectives for the project.

Website Design

After all the project requirements have been collected and agreed upon, Valerie Ayars Designs will begin the Design Phase. During the Design Phase, the information and ideas gathered during planning are molded into the first draft of your project. Once the first design draft has been completed, it will be submitted to you for feedback. The purpose of the Design Phase it to get the bulk of the creative process completed based upon the information and ideas outlined during the Planning Phase.

Website Revision

Once the Design Phase has been completed we move to the Revision Phase. During this phase, you will receive a copy of the first draft of your project. Using this copy of your first draft, you will create a list of revisions that are needed to achieve your goals for the project. The purpose of the Revision Phase is to provide you with the opportunity to carefully review and critique your project and then provide us with any changes or feedback that you require so that we can tweek your project to perfection.

Website Finalization

The Finalize Phase will use the feedback you provide to complete any changes that you require. This phase will produce the final draft of your project. Once the final draft has incorporated all of the original design specifications and the necessary changes requested during the Revision Phase, your project will be returned to you for final approval. The purpose of the Finalize Phase is to complete any needed changes and to have you give final approval that all of the design specifications have been incorporated in the design.

Website Delivery

At this point we move into the Delivery Phase of the design process. Once we have received your final approval on the project, we will be ready to provide you with your final project. For projects that are web based, like websites and ecommerce solutions, we will upload the final project to your hosting account and do final testing to ensure proper functioning on your server. For projects that are going to print, we will request instruction on the type of file format you require and discuss if you need these files sent directly to your printing company.

Other Considerations


One of the most common questions people have when beginning a creative project with VAD is how long will it take. Most projects can be completed within a 2 week period and we strive to meet deadlines if a client provides one at the beginning of the project. It is important to note that there are many factors that can influence the timing of a project and extend the average 2 week time frame. The biggest factors that extend the time of completion for a given project are heavy project loads at VAD and not receiving information, content and feedback in a timely manner from clients. We will always inform you of the estimated time frame for your project as we begin.



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