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Welcome to our showcase featuring examples of our website design, ecommerce solutions, graphic design and marketing materials. Hover over the images to see more information about each project or click the image to visit a website or to see an enlarged version of a graphic.

Website Design

Client's Needs

This Houston area personal trainer wanted a website design that expressed her personal style and the professionalism she brings to her business. She wanted the website design to include her favorite colors, black and reds, and to have a slide show of her client's testimonials.

PT by Lucy website design portfolio item
PT by Lucy

Offering personalized exercise & training programs, nutritional counseling and general fitness and well-being education and support in the Houston area.

Client's Needs

Joe Perdue desired a professional website that clearly reflected his mission as trial lawyer who work hard to server their clients in the best interest of justice. The client provided a logo, content and style ideas. He maintained involvement in each step of the process during site design to provide feedback and ideas that would best represent his style.

Perdue website design portfolio item
Perdue & Plummer

Trial lawyers specializing in a variety of areas and providing legal counsel for residents in the State of Texas.


Client's Needs

This client had very specific ideas about his business website design but didn't have all the elements in place to complete it. Working together, we were able to integrate all of his ideas along with ours to capture the essence of his business and his style. He continues to avidly develop new ideas for additions to his website design.

Butter & Company website design portfolio item
Butter & Co. Catering

A Houston area full service catering company offering event design, decoration and staffing for elegant events from four to 400 guests.

Client's Needs

Safetyskid required website design that would easily and intuitively provide an extensive amount of information to their customer base. This Houston based company also wanted a look and feel that would incorporate the company's existing logo and be in alignment with current marketing materials.

Safety Skid website design portfolio item
Safety Skid

The country's only authorized distributor of their polyurethane non-skid protectant coating for the marine industry and individual consumers.


Client's Needs

Houston Collie Rescue needed a complete website design overhaul. They requested a template system so they could perform regular updates without fear of disabling or breaking website pages. They also required a number of custom forms and PDFs and wanted PayPal integrated to accept donations.

Houston Collie Rescue website design portfolio item
Houston Collie Rescue

A non-profit organization that rescues and fosters collie dogs in the Houston area with the eventual goal of finding suitable adoptive homes.

Client's Needs

This Seattle-based client requested a site redesign that would include content from his existing site plus the addition of numberous new services. Client wanted to include a large amount of content in an easy to navigate way.

Pure Potential Living website design portfolio item
Pure Potential Living

Seattle-based professional massage therapist and personal trainer who works with many modes of massage and provides information and training for the hot yoga class he designed.


Ecommerce Solutions

Client's Needs

This client requested an ecommerce solution that would seamlessly integrate with his current website. His main objectives were to allow his extensive customer base more options for payment of ongoing services while also allowing him to utilize many of the stores marketing features to promote his business to the local community. As a stricly service based business, he was concerned with how to best move his business online. We were able to provide a solution that worked for his service oriented business.

Your Body Center ecommerce solutions portfolio item
Your Body Center

Houston area company offering healthy living services such as yoga, pilates and massage.

Client's Needs

This client wanted an ecommerce solution with a unique look and feel to match their boating product line. As a completely web-based business, they wanted to ensure that they had a positive look and feel that genuinely reflected their business. They provided us with much of their marketing materials and discussed with us the look and feel they wanted and then left the design to us.

Gotcha Covered Boat Supply ecommerce solutions portfolio item
Gotcha Covered Boat Supply

An online retailer of boat covers, bimini tops and accessories for the boating enthusiast.


Social Network Marketing

Client's Needs

This client wanted a social networking blog to utilize the latest in online marketing techniques to promote their boating products sold online. We worked closely with them to set up the blog with a postive design and plenty of options for social sharing. We also worked to train them in best practice of blog use for increasing link building and ranking of their ecommerce store.

Captain Gordo Blog ecommerce solutions portfolio item
Captain Gordo's Log Book

A social networking blog that leverages current best SEO practices to increase ranking and sales in an existing online store.

Client's Needs

This client was ready to move her community magazine online and provide an online venue for community members to access relavent information. She also wanted to support her local community businesses and provide them an avenue for reaching a targeted market with affordable advertising and promotions. She provided the graphics and color scheme and allowed us to create a solution that worked for her. We also provided training on utilizing her site for positive SEO results for her and her advertisers.

The Colony Connection ecommerce solutions portfolio item
The Colony Connection Magazine

Based in The Colony, Texas, this community magazine provides relavent information and advertising both off and online.


Graphic Design

Client's Needs

As a new startup business that was just developing its professional personality, 3S Omnibus wanted a logo that was solid and would stand the test of time. They requested a graphic design that personafied a solid foundation and reliability while still having flair.

3S Omnibus graphic design portfolio item
3S Omnibus

A Houston area project oriented company specializing in uniquely crafted promotional items.

Client's Needs

This private individual hand-crafts wine as a hobby and requested a wine label for her 2008 offerings. She planned to give the wine as gifts to friends and wanted a graphic design that appeared professional with a look that was young, fun and incorporated her signature stylized lizard.

Pink Lizard Cellars graphic design portfolio item
Pink Lizard Cellars

A California-based individual who has a passion for making hand-crafted wines as a hobby enthusiast.


Client's Needs

Herbal Heaven needed a product label for their line of bath products. The client requested custom graphic design work that could be die cut into the shape of a gerbera daisy for a more appealing package. They also required vector graphic design for flexibility in sizing across their product line.

Herbal Heaven graphic design portfolio item
Herbal Heaven

Texas based company that produces fine quality, hand-crafted bath products and other herbal luxuries.

Client's Needs

The Pampered Pet Inn requested a logo makeover with extensive additional graphic editions. They had very specific ideas for the look and layout and gave us the task of making their ideas come to life through custom graphic design.

Pampered Pet Inn graphic design portfolio item
Pampered Pet Inn

A boutique-style company located in the Rice Village area of Houston offering a comprehensive set of services to fulfill all of your pet's needs.


Marketing Materials

Client's Needs

Harker Heights requested marketing materials to use in promoting the kickoff of their year long healthy living series. They wanted the flyer to focus on alternative methods for healthy living as this was the focus of the year long series. Only the textual content was provided.

Harker Heights Library marketing materials portfolio item
Harker Heights Library

A public library serving the needs of the Harker Heights community in Harker Heights, Texas.

Client's Needs

Pure Potential Living wanted a postcard flyer and a business card laid out for his business. He wanted these marketing materials to incorporate his color scheme and logo along with the marketing message he wanted to convey.

Pure Potential Living marketing materials portfolio item
Pure Potential Living

A Seattle-based professional massage therapist and personal trainer who works with many modes of massage and provides information and training in hot yoga.


Client's Needs

This independent furniture craftsman required a set of marketing materials that would visually capture the spirit of the work he performs. I worked with him to understand his business and the philosophy he holds about his services to better create his business card and other marketing materials.

Sanders' Refinishing marketing materials portfolio item
Sanders' Refinishing

A Houston area independent furniture craftsman that specializes in repair and refinishing of fine furnishings.

Client's Needs

This client requested a sell sheet to promote a property that was being sold. They requested that photos and pertinent information about the property be displayed in a tasteful manner using the company's color scheme.

Johnson Realty marketing materials portfolio item
Johnson Realty

A privately-owned real estate business providing assistance in the buying and selling of residential properties.



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